Are you reasonably adept at using Excel formulas? If so, you’ll have no problem with using the components of the Decision Model & Notation (DMN) standard to describe the decision logic supporting your workflows. The following are links to free online workshops.

Learn DMN in 15 Minutes

This might be a good resource if you like to learn by clicking and doing.  Click here to learn more.

DMN Basics

Camunda offers a free online course that provides a good, basic introduction to the Decision Model & Notation (DMN) standard. It goes into a little more depth regarding the basic elements of DMN, including:

  • Decision Requirements Diagrams
  • Decision Tables
  • Friendly Enough Expression Language (FEEL)
  • Hit Policies

This is an easy first step to take on your DMN learning path. It takes about an hour to complete. Click here to learn more.

Hands on with DMN

This is another free online course from Camunda. It takes a deeper dive into the mechanics of modeling decisions with DMN, including hands-on exercises. It took me considerably longer than the advertised three hours to complete. However, if you are thinking seriously about utilizing DMN, it’s worth the effort. Click here to learn more.