We create intuitive, visual business simulations to help entrepreneurial businesses—particularly makers of original products sold online—develop, evaluate, and implement strategies that make sense.  You have skin in the game. So do we: we guarantee that you'll be satisfied with our work.

We help owners develop a better understanding of the interactions among their product mix, marketing channels, supply chain, and cash flow.

Free, on-demand, video workshops that bring clarity to the complex interactions among strategy, marketing, operations, cash flow, and finance.

We host conversations with founders and the people who serve them at the intersection of marketing, supply chain management, and finance.

Ryan Barr

“Human Scale Business has been so helpful in getting a 30,000 ft view of my business. There’s no shortage of articles on different elements of e-commerce online, but it’s easy to lose sight of how they all work together. Human Scale Business helps synthesize the tactics resulting in a better understanding of your business and the best growth strategy for you.”

Jen Perry

“Human Scale Business was incredibly helpful to me. As an inventor of  the Jelt Belt, I had so many questions about running a business. They were able to answer my questions and give me sage advice. The people at Human Scale business have been there, done that. I’ve learned so much in a very short time!”