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Creating compelling products gives you joy. Effective business practices mean you can keep creating. We will help you manage the complexity of your human scale business.

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Events to transform ideas into action.

Insights tailored for your creative enterprise.

Key business concepts in an accessible, but never diluted, way.

Marketplace lending platforms, social finance organizations, and other non-traditional sources.

Subscription services that automate tasks and workflows to keep your fixed costs low.

A curated list of books we recommend for human scale businesses.

Reaching Break Even Cash Flow

Nothing is more practical than not running out of cash. Reaching Break Even Cash Flow is a self-directed, on-demand course ideally suited for entrepreneurs who are anticipating the need to raise debt or equity financing. Through this course, you'll learn about reaching break even cash flow in financial, product, and human terms to help your human scale business survive and thrive.

Jen Perry

“Human Scale Business was incredibly helpful to me. As an inventor of  the Jelt Belt, I had so many questions about running a business. They were able to answer my questions and give me sage advice. The people at Human Scale business have been there, done that. I’ve learned so much in a very short time!”

Kelly McBroom

“Human Scale Business helped me better understand my fulfillment costs. Now I know how to configure my packaging for profitable online sales. The process was extremely inviting and helpful. They are invaluable.”