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Creating compelling products gives you joy. Effective business practices mean you can keep creating. We will help you untangle and manage the complexity of your growing human scale business.

This Week!

Learn How to Get Your New Ecommerce Store Off the Ground

This 5-day, virtual event features 19 expert speakers on topics including:

  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Marketplace platforms
  • Channel strategy, and
  • Customer retention

The event is on June 19th - 23rd and is co-hosted by Patrick Rauland (former WooCommerce Product Manager) and Bob Dunn (blogger and podcaster).

A name-your-price membership gives you access to a growing library of on-demand courses with integrated forums for Q&A.

Visual, quantified business simulations help answer complex questions such as, "How much growth can I afford?"

The Right Financing for Your Business

Reaching Break Even Cash Flow

Understanding the Cash Cycle

Jen Perry

“Human Scale Business was incredibly helpful to me. As an inventor of  the Jelt Belt, I had so many questions about running a business. They were able to answer my questions and give me sage advice. The people at Human Scale business have been there, done that. I’ve learned so much in a very short time!”

Kelly McBroom

“Human Scale Business helped me better understand my fulfillment costs. Now I know how to configure my packaging for profitable online sales. The process was extremely inviting and helpful. They are invaluable.”