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  • In How to Ask Better Questions, you’ll learn proven techniques to learn what your customers really want to achieve as well as the pains they wish to avoid.
  • We’ve found the Empathy Map Canvas to be a practical, intuitive tool for describing how our products and services address those desired gains and undesired pains.
  • Marketing Physics is a data-supported framework for articulating and evaluating your value proposition.
  • In Shrink the Pond, you’ll learn why it’s important to narrow your marketing scope while extending your reach in order to compete in an increasingly global marketplace.
  • Delivering Value reminds us that a compelling value proposition is necessary, but it’s not sufficient. We need to design business models that will allow us to deliver on our promises over time.
  • We’ve found the Business Model Canvas superior to traditional business plan templates. Our particular contribution to the framework is our emphasis on Connecting Resources and Activities through the Grammar of Stocks and Flows.
  • Lastly, I indulge in a bit of editorializing in Strategy, Risk, and (the Avoidance of) Ruin. In the human-scale business world, there are no golden parachutes. Consequently, the essence of strategy is the avoidance of ruin.