Personal Automation Hour

Personal Automation, Simplified. Pay What You Want.

Lost in automation buzzwords and the forest of tools? The Personal Automation Hour is for you. And here’s our promise: you set the price with our pay-what-you-want model, and our satisfaction guarantee ensures you find value every minute. Schedule at your convenience, no strings attached.

In a focused 60-minute session, we’ll demystify automation, highlighting actionable solutions tailored just for you. No deep tech background? We’ve got you covered, introducing you to user-friendly, no-code tools. And if AI and automation sound intimidating, we’re here to break it down, ensuring you grasp their true potential—and limitations.

Your guide, Dave Bayless, is a seasoned expert with BPM 2 and SmartSuite certifications. As an adept user of popular no-code tools like SmartSuite and Zapier, he’s ready to help you harness the power of automation.

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What Clients Say

If you are a nonprofit who wants to learn more about how simple automation tweaks in your processes can save you tons of time and headaches, Dave Bayless is the guy to talk to. He will give you an eye-opening, idea-generating personal hour to talk through some of your current processes and headaches.
Amanda Moore

Moore Fundraising Solutions

The SmartSuite solution Dave helped us build for our small veggie farm has been a major upgrade from our old system of unorganized spreadsheets and stacks of paper.

Sylvie Henry and Fletcher Rickabaugh

Willow Brook Farm

This is such a great process you have created.  I would welcome engaging in it again with you in the future for another automation issue.

Jeff Linkenbach

The Montana Institute

This is great! Saves me a ton of admin time recording names, cell phones and emails into a spreadsheet (and making inevitable typos). Thanks so much!

Lisa Ballard

Big Sky Ski Education Foundation

The Cost of Wasted Time

Technologies touted as “time-saving” often don’t directly save time; instead, they empower us to channel our efforts toward more meaningful and rewarding tasks. In this video, we illustrate how harnessing automation to shave off mere minutes of unproductive time per employee daily can translate to savings worth thousands. With the advent of no-code, low-code, and AI-enabled tools, implementing such automation has become accessible for everyone.