Smart Automation: Scheduling a Meeting with a (Changing) Subset of Your Members

Key Ideas

  • Scheduling meetings can be a recurring headache for hosts and members alike.
  • Process automation can reduce friction in the form of effort and reactance.
  • Effort is a function of exertion and ambiguity: make things easy and clear.
  • Reactance is a negative response to feeling constrained: give people choices where possible.

Case Study

Imagine that you need to schedule a series of meetings with a changing subset of your members. Here’s a flowchart of a process that makes the process clear and easy and offers reasonable flexibility:

a flowchart describing a scheduling process

I’ll walk you through each of the steps in the process in the video embedded above. Use the chapter indicators to jump to the section in which you are interested.

00:27    Use Automation
00:59    Create Meeting Poll
02:04    Select Invitees
02:48    Create Draft Invitations
04:24    Using On2Air to Search Airtable
07:05    Complete Meeting Poll
07:49    Select Meeting Time
08:11    Send Confirmations

Highlighted Technologies

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