Business Processes Are More Complex Than You Think

The processes underpinning a collaborative learning community tend to be more administratively complex than we anticipate. Don’t be afraid of the complexity. Be clear about it. Clarity lends itself to effective management. That makes our role as hosts more sustainable—and enjoyable.

Key Ideas

  • We tend to underestimate the complexity of business processes—including those related to hosting events.
  • What seems simple becomes complex due to agency, contingency, errors, and interdependencies.
  • Mapping key processes helps clarify complexity.
  • Clarity allows us to manage complexity and avoid being overwhelmed.


00:00    Underestimating complexity
00:34    A “simple” process
02:24    Sources of complexity
02:56    Process map
05:57    Trello board

Highlighted Technologies

I use these tools to help manage the events described in the preceding video:

I used these tools to prepare the video: