Before we can get our businesses unstuck, we must get our thinking unstuck. We need to look at the world as it is—not necessarily how we’ve grown accustomed to seeing it.

Simulating your business decisions is a lot faster, cheaper, and less risky than running the experiment in real-time in the real world. So, before you launch a paid membership community, it’s a good idea to create a model in order to understand the conditions under which it can be financially viable and, thus, sustainable.

All models are wrong—many are useful. Formal models help make our assumptions explicit and, consequently, testable. The act of modeling […]

The lessons in this course are a synthesis of the strategy tools, frameworks, and ideas we’ve found valuable for crafting value propositions and designing business models. We’ve distilled a graduate-level marketing strategy course into a set of concise videos. You can watch all of them in less than 30 minutes.

Many Ph.D. programs crank out well-prepared Ph.Ds. Usually, structured support ends there. It’s unlikely you’ll find rich support for the process of applying for retention, tenure, and promotion at your institution.