In the Voices podcast series, we pick the brains of founders of human scale businesses of all kinds to find out what makes them tick.

Tanja Cesh

Tanja Cesh Battles Human Trafficking with Business

Tanja Cesh battles human trafficking in Nepal with her business, Mulxiply, which sells jewelry and products made from felt, leather, and canvas that combine modern design with traditional craftsmanship. Dave Bayless spoke with Tanja about her motivations, challenges, and inspiration.

Kareen Erbe

Kareen Erbe Solves the World's Problems through Gardening

Laura Black of Human Scale Business speaks with Karen Erbe, the founder of Broken Ground, about positive solutions to global problems, gardening, permaculture, and how to write an authentic "About" page for your website.

Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy on Art and Business

Chris Murphy is the co-founder of Helio & Company, a digital creative agency. Dave Bayless had the chance to speak with Chris about art and business. More specifically, Chris shared his thoughts on the complementary nature of artistic passion and business education.

Tessa Burnett

Tessa Burnett Turned Art into Business

Tessa Burnett was teaching high school Spanish in Rolla, Missouri, when her new puppy, Pablo, became a part of her life. Unsatisfied with the mass-produced dog tags available through the big box stores, Tessa bought some metalworking stamps, tin snips, and copper sheeting and made her own tags. Little did she know that she’d embarked on a path that would change the course of her career and her art into a business. Dave Bayless spoke with Tessa about her journey and the dynamic between art and business.

Bill Collins

Bill Collins on Creating a Direct Ecommerce Channel

When Bill Collins asked to join the Human Scale Business Network, I was a little skeptical of the fit. After all, his company makes and sells spray sealant foam systems for commercial use. We focus on consumer products businesses. However, when I learned why he was creating a direct ecommerce channel, I had to reconsider some of my assumptions.

Ryan Barr

Ryan Barr on Learning How to Succeed in Business

There are no secrets to business success. There are patterns and practices, though, that improve your chances. Ryan Barr, a former teacher, had demonstrated that he has the capacity to learn. Rapid learning is essential to succeed as a human scale business.

Jim Gregory

Jim Gregory on Building a Sustainable Business

Jim makes commercial bike trailers in Ames, Iowa. He started his business 25 years or so ago. When Bikes at Work starting selling online, Jim had to write the code for his site's shopping cart. A few things have changed since then. Jim and Bikes at Work have adapted.

Mario Schulzke on 5 to 9ers

Mario Schulzke on 5 to 9ers

Technology is upending an increasing number of 9 to 5 jobs. It's also creating unprecedented opportunities for individuals to reach global audiences and leverage scalable platforms to build something of their own. Mario Schulzke sees these "5 to 9" projects as being distinct from side gigs such as driving an Uber car. 5 to 9 projects emerge from deep personal interest – even passion. Over time, they can be a source of financial value, too.