Quick Takes

Quick Takes are short podcast conversations with human scale business founders and those who serve them.

Phil King

Phil King on First-time Sourcing

Phil King has setup manufacturing, procurement, and sourcing relationships around the world. In this conversation, Dave Bayless and Phil talk about key lessons learned for human scale businesses just starting out with sourcing.

Tyler Powell

Tyler Powell on Scaling Manufacturing

Tyler Powell has helped design and manage manufacturing systems in varied industries including high tech, consumer products, and restaurants. He knows that more is different when it comes to manufacturing. Dave Bayless spoke with Tyler about common challenges of growing from craft-scale manufacturing.

Kim Scurry

Kim Scurry on Buying and Selling a Small Business

Before Kim Scurry worked in mergers and acquisitions for one of the largest tech companies in the world, she bought and sold her own human scale business. Dave Bayless spoke with Kim about lessons learned on the buy and sell side.

Jen Nord

Jen Nord on Hiring a Bookkeeper or Accountant

Laura Black speaks with Jen Nord, a CPA and CMA with Rudd & Company about hiring and bookkeeper or accountant for your human scale business. Jen addresses the differences between a bookkeeper and an accountant, when to consider hiring accounting help, and ways to protect yourself and your business against misplaced trust.

Tatum Johnson

Tatum Johnson on Co-working Spaces for Creatives

Tatum Johnson is the founder of Intrigue Ink and The Foundry, a "creative syndicate." Dave Bayless spoke with Tatum about the benefits of co-working spaces for creatives.

Tom Morkes

Tom Morkes on Pay What You Want Pricing

Tom Morkes explains the pay-what-you-want approach to pricing for authors and other creative entrepreneurs who can make a direct connection with their audiences.

Ellie Van Dyke

Ellie Van Dyke on Building Trust with Every Communication

When Beartooth announced it would begin accepting preorders for its first product, the inquiries rolled in hard and fast. Ellie Van Dyke is responsible for managing the company's communication and is tasked with building trust through every interaction. Because Beartooth's followers have differing technical expertise and intent to buy, parsing emails and social media comments can be challenging. “We’re trying to communicate in a way that’s approachable by everyone,” Ellie says. And as communication progresses, it’s easier to gauge the level of detail the customer wants and values. “The customer isn’t always right,” Ellie says, “but everyone deserves a polite and respectful and accurate answer."

Jake Rheude

Jake Rheude on Red Stag Fulfillment

Dave Bayless speaks with Jake Rheude on how Red Stag Fulfillment was born out of the unmet needs of an ecommerce company.

Jen Nord

Jen Nord on Helping Your Accountant Help You

Laura Black speaks with Jen Nord about the things you can do throughout the year in order to make your meetings with you accountant as productive as possible.

Bruce Zignego

Bruce Zignego on Design for Manufacturing

Laura Black and Bruce Zignego discuss design for manufacturing.

Doug Cunnington

Doug Cunnington on SEO Fundamentals

Dave Bayless speaks with Doug Cunnington, the founder of Niche Site Project, about search engine optimization (SEO) fundamentals and best practices.

Patrick Rauland

Patrick Rauland on Holistic Optimization of Ecommerce

After taking point on three releases of the ubiquitous WooCommerce plugin, Patrick Rauland struck out on his own to provide ecommerce consulting services to small, dynamic teams. Dave Bayless of Human Scale Business spoke with Patrick about ecommerce trends, WooCommerce versus Shopify, and his role as a "holistic optimizer" of ecommerce businesses.

Jennifer Rohleder

Jennifer Rohleder on Not-Just-for-Profit Business

Jennifer Rohleder is an attorney and investor. She spoke with Dave Bayless about her convictions regarding the potential for businesses to make positive social and environmental impacts, sourcing appropriate capital through a business's lifecycle, why she loves Piranha Tank, and the virtues of taking a systems view of business dynamics.

Chad Rubin

Chad Rubin on Empowering Your Ecommerce Business with Technology

Chad Rubin's first business was Crucial Vacuum, a successful direct-to-consumer ecommerce seller of vacuums, filters, bags, and belts. Frustrated by his inability to find truly integrated software with which to run his business, Chad concluded that he needed to create his own technology solution. In 2014, he founded Skubana, which makes cloud-based operations software specifically for high-volume ecommerce sellers. Dave Bayless spoke with Chad about how technology can empower your ecommerce business.

Jala Smith-Huys

Jala Smith-Huys on Social Media Marketing

Jala Smith-Huys is the founder of Embark Creative, a social media marketing boutique based in Portland, Oregon. Her client list includes some familiar names such as Intel and Whole Foods. In addition, Jala is the founder of Seek & Swoon, a maker of “eco throws.” Dave Bayless spoke with her about the intersection of social media marketing and human scale business.

Jordan Lacenski

Jordan Lacenski on SheWolf Collaborative

Jordan Lacenski is the founder of BrandBoss Creative and co-founder and "Alpha" at SheWolf Collaborative. SheWolf is an innovative business model that brings together the capabilities of a team of creative women. Together, they can offer big firm scope at rates that are affordable by small businesses.