The Mom Test: How to Learn the Truth About Your Business Idea

The Mom Test by veteran entrepreneur Rob Fitzpatrick is one business book you must own, read, re-read, and use. It is deservedly one of our favorites. I spoke with Laura Black about why I love the book and why you should own a copy.

Too many business books consist of 20 pages of content crammed into 200 pages. The Mom Test gives you exactly what you need and no more. Fitzpatrick’s writing is casual, clear, and accessible. However, this is no “lite” book. In my experience, it stands the test of time.

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We fool ourselves about the quality of our business ideas. We seek affirmation from others – including, but not limited to, our mothers. However, the truth will out. It’s in our best interest to discover the truth as quickly and inexpensively as possible, As Fitzpatrick says, “You shouldn’t ask anyone if your business is a good idea. It’s a bad question and everyone will lie to you at least a little bit. It’s not their responsibility to tell you the truth. It’s your responsibility to find out.”

Use The Mom Test to help ensure your conversations with prospective customers are productive:

  • Talk about their life instead of your idea
  • Ask about specifics in the past instead of generics or opinions about the future
  • Talk less and listen more