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Are you a founder of a growing maker of niche consumer products sold online and through specialty retailers? We’re looking for a few good members for our learning network. We limit the number of members so we can get to know each other, build trust, and learn productively.

As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in exclusive peer roundtables. You will have access to members-only content, and you will enjoy discounts on services and other events. It’s all free.

We facilitate small-group, web conference-based discussions among true peers. Each roundtable is 90 minutes long. The agenda is set by participants. That ensures every roundtable is thought-provoking and efficient. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in as many as six roundtables per year.

Our Members Think Hard About Business

Our members want to succeed by design. Their growth mindset leads to probing questions, deliberate decisions, and effective actions. Members want to know why and when, not just what and how. Our members believe that collaboration makes us smarter. That is, they are willing to give to get.

Our Network is Different

We focus on the opportunities and challenges of makers of unique products sold direct-to-consumer and through specialty retailers. Unlike forums that lean toward the tactics of business, we emphasize an integrative, strategic perspective. Our members help each other connect the dots among the contradictions that make business complex. Finally, membership is free compared to the hundreds or thousands of dollars charged by others.

There’s No Catch

It takes a lot of effort to develop in-depth content and facilitate roundtables. Free sounds too good to be true. There is a method to our madness, though. Our exposure to the questions and conversations of our members help us develop relevant content, events, and services for others. Furthermore, part of our charter as a not-just-for-profit benefit corporation is to promote business learning. By helping our members, we can help a much broader community of business owners.

Apply for Membership

Start by completing a short application form. Shortly after submission, you’ll receive a 30-day provisional membership that gives you access to the members-only sections of this website. Soon thereafter, Dave Bayless will be in touch to schedule a short conversation to learn more about you, your business, and your interests. Once accepted, your 12-month membership will start. Membership terms can be extended by invitation.

Ryan Barr

“Human Scale Business has been so helpful in getting a 30,000 ft view of my business. There’s no shortage of articles on different elements of e-commerce online, but it’s easy to lose sight of how they all work together. Human Scale Business helps synthesize the tactics resulting in a better understanding of your business and the best growth strategy for you.”