Strategy Workshop

Strategy Workshop

We view strategy as a set of principles that guides decisions and actions to achieve organizational objectives over time. This workshop presents materials and models to help you design and articulate your value proposition and business model.

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Learn and Adapt

Your strategy should provide answers to several key questions:

  • Whom will you serve?
  • How will you deliver sustained, differentiated value?
  • What resources will you require, and how will you gain access to them?
  • What actions must you take and over what period of time?

At best, such answers will be tentative and conditional. After all, data is often scarce, our knowledge is imperfect, and the world changes. Nevertheless, explicit assumptions are testable assumptions. Because they are testable, you can identify and correct errors and adapt your strategy faster and more effectively than otherwise might be the case.

Design Elements

The design of this workshop is guided by the following principles:

  • Collaboration—Developing a business strategy is a complex endeavor that benefits from cognitive diversity. Seek it out and add value to the conversation.
  • Productive feedback—Efficient learning is a function of receiving both reinforcing (do more of something) and balancing (do less of something) feedback.
  • Rapid iteration—In the face of uncertainty, rapid navigation of the Observe-Orient-Decide-Act (“OODA”) cycle yields superior results—even when starting with imperfect information and models.
  • Dynamic thinking—Strategy is intended to address performance over time. Consequently, it requires thinking in “movies” rather than in “snapshots”.
  • Visual models—We can only act on the models in our heads. Visual representations help translate complex ideas into actionable mental models.

Recommended Reading

This workshop makes use of the concepts and tools presented in the following books:

Although not required, they are highly recommended.