Get Your Thinking Unstuck

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To get new results, we need to change our actions. To change our actions, we need to change how we think.

Take some time to watch and reflect on the lessons in this workshop. In our experience, they will help you think, learn, collaborate, and adapt better.

  • In Just a Theory, we make the case that there is nothing so practical as a good theory.
  • In Decision Making, Learning, and Competitive Advantage, we introduce the Observe→Orient→Decide→Act, or “OODA”, cycle. The faster you can circumnavigate this cycle, the better you can adapt to a changing business environment.
  • In Learning Faster with Effective Feedback, Laura Black explains how reinforcing and balancing feedback helps us learn more efficiently and introduces some techniques to get the most out of the experiences of others.
  • Seeing What You Say explains why visual representations help us think more clearly, “ugly” drafts invite collaboration, and rapid iteration yields better results—faster.

Collectively, the principles highlighted in these lessons are a powerful framework for thinking about your business—particularly in the face of change.